How Functional Assessment Service Teams (FAST) are being implemented in 3 states

How Functional Assessment Service Teams (FAST) are being implemented in 3 states

12th October, 2017

When people are displaced from their homes during a disaster and find it necessary to stay in a community shelter, it is essential that community officials, responders, and shelter managers are prepared to provide service and reasonable accommodations to all shelter residents, including those with access and functional needs. A Functional Assessment Service Team (FAST) can help people get what they need to safely stay in a community shelter and to assist them to return home as soon as possible. The webinar will help you learn more about FAST as one possible resource in whole community planning and response. The webinar will provide background as to what is FAST, why it might work in your community or state; and the future of FAST across the nation. California, Washington and Wisconsin will their share their experiences from their FAST journey.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the original intent of FAST, and the past and future of FAST.
  • Learn about the changes being made to support the expansion of FAST.
  • Learn how FAST operates in the three states.


June Isaacson Kailes operates a Disability Policy Consulting practice. June's consulting and publications focus on building disability actionable competencies in the worlds of health care and emergency management to insure people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs are integrated and included in service delivery processes, procedures, protocols, policies and training. She originally conceived the concept of FAST and worked with California and other government entities on developing their Teams.

Jan Devore works for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and has held a variety of jobs within numerous program areas for 20 years. All positions have involved people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs. During the past five years, Jan has focused on emergency planning and response within the Public Health Preparedness program, focusing on the planning and response capabilities of human services at all levels. Jan is the state Functional Assessment Service Team (FAST) Coordinator and a member of the FAST core training team.

Nicole Johnson is the Access and Functional Needs Coordinator in the Preparedness Division at Pierce County Department of Emergency Management. In this capacity, Nicole coordinates the inclusion of people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs into all phases of emergency management. Nicole has been involved with the FAST program in Pierce County since its inception in 2012. Nicole became the FAST program coordinator in 2015.

Tarah Heller is a Senior Emergency Coordinator, Mass Care Representative for the State of California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Disaster Services Bureau (DSB). Tarah is the lead for the Functional Assessment Services Team (FAST) program. She is responsible for planning, training both state and county representatives, deployment, and recruitment of FAST. In the past year Tarah has led 4 trainings classes and is currently overseeing the new online courses being offered for FAST Recertification and Shelter Operations Training. Tarah deploys as a FAST lead and Mass Care Representative for CDSS DSB during disasters. She deployed in the field for the Erskine, Lake, and San Bernardino Fires and to the Orville Dam Auxiliary Spillway Incident.